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The Mandelbrot set has been the icon for the beauty of mathematics. As you zoom deeper and deeper inside, there will be many glorious and interesting patterns, structures, and of course, little copies of the set itself, as it is a fractal. After exploring the set, I have found some interesting places that I think they are worth taking a picture and being selected as the wallpaper. All of these images are 1366.768 pixels, so they should fit in an average screen. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) 4.0. A ZIP for these images is also available. Click here to download.

The thieves came into my house at around 16h30, because my brother came at 17h and reported the cable connected to the TV was warm. The TV was tightly bound to the wall, but it couldn’t stand the thieves’ skill. They perhaps saw equipment for my computer on the table, so they went upstairs to find the thing, but failed because luckily, I took my computer along. My neighbors also reported that their stuff has been stolen for quite a long time. One identical thing is they come in very quickly, only search a little part of the whole house to get what is the most expensive, usually the TV or the computer. So after this, my family has gotten a lesson[…]